Seraphina’s story is one of sadness and joy! She was a farm kitty that had explored the rural area of her home and when she had babies of her own, she knew it was not the life she wanted for them. Seraphina encouraged her kittens to follow her on a 1km hike, in the cold, to a house near by that would offer help. Once they arrived the lady of the house just knew they would not survive on a hand out so she called the farmer and he said she could keep them all but unfortunately, she wasn’t able to so instead she called us, in hopes to help them all. It was a bit of a rough go as they were all sick, but with a little love and proper care, they all flourished. Today, her babies have moved on to their forever home and Seraphina is now waiting for hers. She is an affectionate young 1.5 year old, that likes to purr on your lap, gets along with other cats, and enjoys all the comforts of a loving home.