• Velvet
    Velvet is a special kitty that was almost lost to the ways of feral life. Her foster Mom has dedicated a lot of treat based training and it has finally made the impact we had all hoped for. We are not completely sure why Velvet chooses women over men but she is extremely guarded and bonds best with women. However, she will tolerate the man, if he is well supplied with her favourite treats. Velvet will need a quiet home and someone who will fully understand her. She has had a very scary, rough life but is now opening up… Read more: Velvet
  • Rex
    Rex was a very fortunate boy who miraculously made himself noticed in the rural area of many barns. Alone and vibrant, he was scooped up and brought into foster for a chance to be loved and cared for. Now at the age of 3 months, he is ready for his forever home. Young, playful, full of energy and built with confidence, Rex enjoys playing with other cats and toys too. He is a bit high energy but once he finally does get his fill, he will cuddle and snooze with his people too.
  • Azalea and Derby
    Bonded, 8 month old siblings, Azalea and Derby are waiting to bond with a family too. These kitties are a delight and so much fun to be with. With no longer a care in the world, Azalea and Derby enjoy their belly-filled days by playing with other kitties and cuddly with their humans. These siblings would bring laughter and love to any family that would adore them.
  • Pi-Adopted!
    Sweet, adorable, 15 year old Pi, loves her head pats and her chin scratched. She does have a bit of a dominant personality with other animals and that is probably due to how very reserved and intelligent she is. Once Pi gets to know you, she is very affectionate and is content to sit quietly by your side. She would be a great companion for anyone looking to have a cuddle buddy.
  • Pookie-Adopted!
    Pookie is a sweet, 13 year old girl, who adored her late owner and can be very loving with a period of adjustment. She can be a little protective and a little reserved initially, until she is familiar with you, but then, she becomes appreciative of the good old belly rub. Pookie also enjoys playing and has mastered the reward system, by retrieving a toy mouse for a treat and then tapping your leg, until you give her one.
  • Spookie
    Spookie, is a loving, 14 year old boy, who enjoys attention and loves to be combed and brushed. He prefers wet shredded cat food and will nibble on a bit of dry as well. He is a very loving boy, who loves attention; a real people person. He is affectionate with a laid-back personality, who still enjoys playing with toys.
  • Mila-Adopted!
    Mila is a petite, 1 year old kitty that was found abandoned and taking shelter in someone’s shed. Thankfully, she was noticed early in her abandonment and didn’t have to succumb to the ways of living a stray life. She was and will be a little scared and timid at first, in a new home environment but once she knows she is safe and loved, she opens right up and shows her cuddly, loving affection side.
  • Saturday & Sunday-Adopted!
    Saturday and Sunday have decided that they would like to stick together and that only makes sense as most people like those days of the week together anyway! Now 4 months old, these girls have fully bloomed into their fun, playful and energetic kitten stages. They enjoy the company of their foster family and other kitties too. All they need now is their forever home and forever family, to share in the joy of making many wonderful memories together.
  • Bella-Adopted!
    Bella has definitely had an extremely rough first year, in life. She had a home but a horrible one, where she was mistreated, neglected and then tossed out like it was all her fault. Once rescued, she still had a battle ahead of her due to a horrible diet, parasites and viruses. In time she overcame all of those debilitating conditions, just to end up with an issue that resulted in having part of her tail amputated! But love, patience and time was on our side and Bella is now healthy, comfortable, and realizing that the torture is over and… Read more: Bella-Adopted!
  • Finn-Adopted!
    Finn’s life was turned upside down when his previous owners’ health took a turn and he was surrendered back to us. In foster, it had taken a few days for him to settle back in but he is still not very happy about sharing his space with other kitties so it would be best for him to be adopted into a home where he is the one and only. At the age of 2.5 years, Finn prefers playing and watching the activities of a household, instead of being cuddled but he does enjoy the affectionate touch here and there too… Read more: Finn-Adopted!