• Orion-Adopted!
    Orion is a bit of a funny guy. At the age of 3 years he loves his cat tree, loves lounging in the window sun, enjoys playing with his toys or chilling and pretending to watch a movie. Once Orion adjusts into his new home, he becomes cuddly and sweet. He is also great with kids of all ages and energy levels and gets along with other cats and even dogs too. Orion knows how to brighten anyone’s mood so let’s help brighten Orion’s, by finding his forever home.
  • Sherbert
    Sherbert was noticed to be a new comer in a colony of kitties that didn’t belong. The colony caretaker knew if she didn’t act fast he wouldn’t last long so thankfully that is what she did. Sherbert at the age of 1.5 years, has been vetted and socialized in foster care. His foster Mom said he was a bit of a bossy one but with time, he is now getting along with the others and has realized there is enough love, food and fun for everyone.
  • Saturday & Sunday
    Saturday and Sunday have decided that they would like to stick together and that only makes sense as most people like those days of the week together anyway! Now 4 months old, these girls have fully bloomed into their fun, playful and energetic kitten stages. They enjoy the company of their foster family and other kitties too. All they need now is their forever home and forever family, to share in the joy of making many wonderful memories together.
  • Bella
    Bella has definitely had an extremely rough first year, in life. She had a home but a horrible one, where she was mistreated, neglected and then tossed out like it was all her fault. Once rescued, she still had a battle ahead of her due to a horrible diet, parasites and viruses. In time she overcame all of those debilitating conditions, just to end up with an issue that resulted in having part of her tail amputated! But love, patience and time was on our side and Bella is now healthy, comfortable, and realizing that the torture is over and… Read more: Bella
  • Pebbles-Pending
    Pebbles is a one of a kind kitty and would like to be the only kitty in your heart and home! She is affectionate, playful, loyal and would love to just sit on you and hug you! She has the know how to make any person feel special and loved. Pebbles is approximately, 1 year of age, and waiting for a home that will allow her to share the love and appreciation she has for her adoring sweet humans.
  • Finn
    Finn’s life was turned upside down when his previous owners’ health took a turn and he was surrendered back to us. In foster, it had taken a few days for him to settle back in but he is still not very happy about sharing his space with other kitties so it would be best for him to be adopted into a home where he is the one and only. At the age of 2.5 years, Finn prefers playing and watching the activities of a household, instead of being cuddled but he does enjoy the affectionate touch here and there too… Read more: Finn
  • Seraphina-Adopted!
    Seraphina’s story is one of sadness and joy! She was a farm kitty that had explored the rural area of her home and when she had babies of her own, she knew it was not the life she wanted for them. Seraphina encouraged her kittens to follow her on a 1km hike, in the cold, to a house near by that would offer help. Once they arrived the lady of the house just knew they would not survive on a hand out so she called the farmer and he said she could keep them all but unfortunately, she wasn’t able… Read more: Seraphina-Adopted!