We cannot fix it all. We simply can’t. Don’t assume we can. We are telling you we can’t…….especially not alone. We spend hours and hours doing this, we spend a ton of money doing this (with very little financial support). We hold in our arms, dying cats/kittens and receive messages of all kinds at ridiculous hours. We have helped 121 kittens and 36 adult cats this year so far. 

We at Simba’s 100% believe cats should be neutered and spayed. That is why we work so hard with trapping, supporting the “moms” and stray cats in our community. The cycle must stop.

We want to thank our many kind and loyal supporters. We have met many good people on this journey. We have had many people ask for help and are willing to help us, help them. They ask for guidance and we support them with our resources or our manpower.  It takes more than words to rescue. 

Rescue takes a community, we know we couldn’t do all we do without ours. We appreciate all the continued support from everyone. Simba’s though is still in need. Please see the list below. Any support would be appreciated.

  • Purina One Kitten kibble
  • Authority kitten kibble and wet food
  • Royal Canine gastrointestinal food (only available over the counter from a vet)
  • FortiFlora (available over the counter through a vet)
  • Iams kitten wet food
  • Fancy Feast kitten wet food
  • Clumping kitty litter
  • Pine pellet kitty litter

Of course monetary donations are always appreciated and welcome. Etransfers can be made to